What breed is Rebecca?

What breed is Rebecca?

What breed is Rebecca?

Rebecca Elizabeth Breeds (born ) is an Australian actress, known for her roles as Cassie Cometti in the third series of Blue Water High, as series regular Ruby Buckton in the soap opera Home and Away, Aurora de Martel in The Originals, and as recurring character Nicole in seasons 6 and 7 of Pretty Little ...

Can Rebecca Breeds sing?

Home And Away's Rebecca Breeds is far more nervous singing as herself than in character. In the soap, Rebecca's character Ruby Buckton recently had to perform a song at a school play, and is exploring a creative partnership with musician Liam Murphy (Axle Whitehead).

Who is Luke Mitchell married to?

Rebecca Breedss. 2013 Luke Mitchell/Coniuge

Who did Rebecca Breeds marry?

Luke Mitchellm. 2013 Rebecca Breeds/Coniuge

How tall is Rebecca Elizabeth breeds?

1.6 m Rebecca Breeds/Altezza

Does Rebecca Breeds play the fiddle?

“You don't have to like folk music to like this film … it is about a bunch of quirky people. ... The story centres around a romance between a fiddle-playing folk chick (Rebecca Breeds, formerly of Home and Away) and an intense techno geek (Robert Sheehan).

Is Roman from blindspot Australian?

Seasons. Luke Mitchell (born Ap) is an Australian actor and plays the role of Roman on Blindspot.

How tall is Luke Mitchell?

1.85 m Luke Mitchell/Altezza

How tall is Jodie Foster?

1.6 m Jodie Foster/Altezza

Where was three summer's filmed?

Production. Three Summers was filmed in the Peel region of Perth, Western Australia in 2016.

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