Qual è la maschera della Sardegna?

Qual è la maschera della Sardegna?

Qual è la maschera della Sardegna?

Mamuthones I Mamuthones sono le maschere più famose dell'intera Sardegna . Si muovono durante le processioni a gruppi di dodici, accompagnati dai più allegri Issohadores. I Mamuthones sono vestiti di scuro : la maschera facciale è in legno di pero nero e nere sono anche le vesti di velluto che indossano.

Come si chiamano le maschere tipiche sarde?

I Mamuthones sono, assieme agli Issohadores, maschere tipiche del carnevale di Mamoiada in Sardegna.

What are the Mamuthones of Sardinia?

  • Mamuthones have also been defined as a representation of the collective soul of Sardinia. The bells symbolise the yoke of subsequent dominations, from the Romans to the Vandals, from the Piedmontese to the Italians.

What is the Carnival of the Mamuthones?

  • In Sardinia, the Carnival of the Mamuthones is a pre-Christian traditional ritual dating back more than 2,000 years. Monstrous characters boast thick hair, black faces and are burdened with the weight of 60 pounds of cattle bells hanging around their body.

Who are the mamuthones and Issohadores?

  • This Festival Friday we’ll take you to Mamoiada, a village in inland Sardinia. Mamoiada is the home of mamuthones and issohadores, mysterious masked characters whose origin is all but unknown. We visited in occasion of St Anthony’s festival on January 17th, when mamuthones and issohadores parade around burning bonfires. “I can’t let you in.

When do the Mamuthones dance in Mamoiada?

  • They show themselves in public for the first time on the 17th of January, on the occasion of Sant’ Antonio Abate (Saint Anthony Abate), festivity celebrated with some forty bonfires lit up in all Mamoiada’s squares and with the Mamuthones dancing around the main ones all night long.

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