Quando esce la nuova Dacia?

Quando esce la nuova Dacia?

Quando esce la nuova Dacia?

Non il facelift di metà carriera, atteso tra almeno due anni, ma un restyling con qualche aggiornamento estetico e nella tecnologia, in arrivo nell'estate 2022.

Why is the Dacia Duster so cheap?

  • They're built in a low-cost country, using engines and platforms and electrics that have all been long-ago amortised by other cars, and integrating the dealerships with Renault rather than starting a separate network. The Duster cleverly shares body parts across the Dacia range and the number of available options is small.

Why is the Renault Duster so popular?

  • The joy of the Duster is the way it seriously over-delivers on the underpromising price. Renault has been very disciplined in keeping Dacia's costs down.

Is the Mitsubishi Duster a good off-road vehicle?

  • It’s not just some cosmetic crossover. Even the 4x2 Duster retains good underbody clearance so if the surface isn’t too greasy and the tyres are well-treaded it’ll tackle fairly rugged scenery. And it’s got more space than say a Renegade or Vitara, the closest off-roadable rivals.

Is the Duster trying to kid you?

  • The Duster isn't trying to kid anyone. It's not cheap in a way that insults your intelligence or makes you feel mean. It's a far better car than it needs to be at the price, and we love it for that.

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